Contemporary Oak Living Room Furniture

Contemporary Oak Living Room Furniture

The beauty of designing a space with this exciting furniture range is the creativity you can use – and the versatility of contemporary living room pieces. A modern, stylish living room can be anything you want it to be. The addition of the pieces within this collection creates a room that is functional, up-to-the-minute yet still classically attractive.

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  • Contemporary Oak Lamp Table

  • Contemporary Oak TV Unit

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  • Contemporary Oak Tall Bookcase

  • Contemporary Oak Small Console Table

  • Contemporary Oak Console Table

  • Contemporary Oak Coffee Table

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  • Contemporary Oak Bookcase

  • Contemporary Oak Living Room Bundle 2

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How to Use Contemporary Oak Living Room Furniture in Your Home

This type of furniture offers an intriguing, exciting take on furniture design. You don’t need to stick to conventions when you are furnishing a living room in this style. Use an open oak bookcase to divide a room, or traditional oak wood for a modern console table, for example. Use bold color blocking on the walls along with traditional-style oak furniture to create a stunning open-plan space. Contemporary furniture is simple and structured, with bold lines and clean surfaces – designing a modern room works well when you use pieces in neutral shades to match wooden floors and uncluttered walls.

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Contemporary oak furniture is versatile. You don’t need to restrict the coffee table to the living room – it could work as an end-of-bed table for the modern bedroom. The TV table would look great in the dining room, topped with a piece of modern art. The key to working with this kind of furniture is to use bold, durable pieces in unexpected ways. This range features an elegant juxtaposition that contrasts the wood with the modern flair of brushed metal handles. An oak lamp table or bookcase can also be a real design feature – don’t just use them for the obvious, display your quirky accessories and let your personality shine through.

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