Contemporary Oak Bedroom Furniture

Contemporary Oak Bedroom Furniture

Relax and unwind in modern style with this special contemporary oak furniture range for the bedroom. This comprehensive collection features everything you need for both comfort and style. A big, well made bed for a start - with attractive slatted timber headboards and tailboards. There are plenty of storage options on offer as well, from spacious wardrobes, bedsides and more - ideal for maintaining the clean and organized modern look.

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  • Contemporary Oak Five-Drawer Wellington

  • Contemporary Oak Vanity Mirror

  • Contemporary Oak Stool

  • Contemporary Oak Dressing Table

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  • Contemporary Oak Bedroom Bundle 3

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  • Contemporary Oak Two-Door with Drawer Wardrobe

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  • Contemporary Oak Full Hanging Wardrobe

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  • Contemporary Oak Bedroom Bundle 5

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  • Contemporary Oak Three by Four Multi Chest

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The Design Process

The contemporary look is achieved through a combination of clever design techniques. First, the versatility of oak can be used to create a lovely light, airy feel to the room. We then finish all the furniture with a matte lacquered surface that not only ensures the consistency of colour for every piece so that they all match, but also helps to prolong the life of the furniture. Then we add big, chunky D-shaped handles for the final effect. The construction techniques are, as ever, impeccable in their detail. A lot of solid oak is used, and you'll only find veneer in areas that are not visually important, or places where rigidity and strength are not compromised.

Design Tips for Your Contemporary Oak Bedroom Furniture

One of the key elements that often defines a contemporary home is its simplicity and clean lines. When designing your bedroom in this style, you still want it to feel warm and cozy. You can maximise this sense of lightness by choosing flooring that is neutral or pale, and going with light colours on the wall. Alternatively, bold colours can help create some warmth and bring some intimacy to a big space, but using lighter colours is for a style of design when you are wanting to really maximise the sense of space and light in your bedroom. For the modern feel, be sure to free yourself of any clutter by using pieces like a blanket box or other storage solutions.

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