Oak Cupboards

Wouldn’t you love to have one of those homes you see in the magazines where every surface is clear, where the living room is clutter-free and an oasis of calm, and the kitchen is tidy, functional and welcoming? How do you create this dream home? One word – storage. And two more words - oak cupboards. By enclosing your things within the elegant, streamlined confines of this elegant piece of furniture, you can enjoy a sense of peace and calm while knowing that all your possessions are still within easy reach. Read More

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  • Denver Two-Door Oak Cupboard

    Regular Price: £325.00

    Special Price £225.00

  • Bordeaux Oak Shoe Cupboard

  • Oak Liberty 2 Door Sideboard

  • Loire Glazed Corner Base

  • Denver Five-Drawer One-Door Oak Cupboard

    Regular Price: £395.00

    Special Price £319.00

  • Classic Oak Small Two-Door Cupboard

    Regular Price: £295.00

    Special Price £235.00

6 Item(s)

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Where Will You Put Your Cupboard?

If you’re anything like the average family your home is probably overflowing with the accumulated collection of years of stuff – clothes, shoes, toys, books, magazines, paperwork, DVDs; you name it, you’ve got it. You’re going to need a cupboard in every room to store it all. Luckily, with our collection this can be a reality.

We’ve got big and small units for the bedroom, the study, the kitchen and everywhere in between. From a small shoe cupboard to keep everyone’s trainers safe in the hall, to a sophisticated corner unit to impress your dinner guests, we’ve got your storage needs covered.

Oak cupboards need to be tough as well as stylish as they will take a lot of knocks if they are located in your kitchen or your children’s bedroom. Thankfully these storage spaces are durable and hard-wearing. Even when you open them up every day, the doors will always close properly and the drawer runners won't let you down.