About Oak Furniture Company (OFCo)

From little acorns...

We all know the ancient proverb 'Great oaks from little acorns grow'. It means that something can become very impressive from relatively modest beginnings. But this saying, first recorded in poetry dating from c1640, carries even more significance today when you consider what society has achieved with the help of the mighty oak tree. For centuries oak timber has been the hero of historic battleships, medieval roofing and stately home wall panelling - much evidence of which has survived to the present day. It's little surprise then that today oak is the timber of preference for some of our most iconic furniture items.

From our own humble beginnings supplying retailers with our high end stock to today with over over thirty years experience in the furniture industry, we're pleased to now be able to offer our huge selection of hand-made pieces directly to you. Our decades-long investment in both production and design allows us to offer you the very best in oak and wood furniture along with exceptional customer service that you won't find elsewhere. All of our oak furniture pieces are manufactured from sustainable sources, or from reclaimed timber to preserve stocks of this sought-after manufacturing material.

Looking for Oak Furniture in the UK?

With a comprehensive 20,000 sq ft warehouse, our wide selection is readily available from stock to deliver quickly throughout the UK. Because of our central location and our production capabilities, we can effectively reduce our carbon footprint too, as we don't collect from a wholesaler first before delivering to our customers. Our unique website allows for easy browsing, ordering and selection of shipping dates for your ideal oak furniture pieces. And of course, all precautions are in place to ensure secure on-line payments.

Built to Serve Our Customers

The same meticulous care that goes into building our products goes in to serving you. Our philosophy has always based around the fact that you have to listen intently to your customers and treat them like family. We strive to keep in close contact and encourage you to view our resource center where we use our experience to offer useful articles and tips on furniture and decor, sign up for our mailing list and reach out to us by phone or email if we can help in any way with your product questions or even decorating advice. We welcome any feedback you have on our products, website, or service. It's our way of ensuring that we stay at the top of the tree in our field. And of course, there are no prizes for guessing to which tree we are referring.

We are eager to serve you and bring you the most beautiful, high quality wood and oak furniture in the UK. Furniture you can be proud to display in your home and that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Furniture that lasts for generations and becomes a part of your family.

As always, let us know if we can answer any questions or be of assistance.

Geoff - General Manager

And The Whole Team at OFCo