Bordeaux Rustic Oak Bedroom Furniture

Bordeaux Rustic Oak Bedroom Furniture

The Bordeaux range optimises the warmth of rustic furniture, perfect for any bedroom that wishes to have robust furniture and a farmhouse feel. This elegant oak furniture adds a touch of sophistication and country style to your home. Read More

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  • Bordeaux Small Oak Bedside

    3 Review(s)
  • Bordeaux Six-Drawer Wellington

  • Bordeaux Oak Bedroom Bundle 2

    Regular Price: £278.00

    Bundle Price £264.10

  • Bordeaux Three-Drawer Oak Bedside

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  • Bordeaux Oak Blanket Box

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  • Bordeaux Oak Wardrobe with Double Drawers

  • Bordeaux Triple Full Hanging Oak Wardrobe

  • Bordeaux Three over Four Oak Chest

  • Bordeaux Single Drawer Oak Bedside

  • Bordeaux 5ft Oak Bed

  • Bordeaux 4ft 6in Oak Bed

  • Bordeaux Vanity Mirror

  • Bordeaux Two over Three Oak Chest

  • Bordeaux Oak Stool Fabric Cushion-bison

  • Bordeaux Single Pedestal Oak Dressing Table

  • Bordeaux Full Hanging Oak Wardrobe

  • Bordeaux Four over Three Oak Chest

  • Bordeaux Oak Double Wardrobe over Drawer

  • Bordeaux 4ft 6in Panel Oak Bed

  • Bordeaux Oak Bedroom Bundle 6

    Regular Price: £1,277.00

    Bundle Price £1,213.15

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Rustic Charm

Each piece is made to the highest standards and is carefully and artistically distressed to give every piece an authentic period feel that can normally only be achieved by having the furniture for many years. Subtle nail markings or indents aren't a problem here - it only adds to the character. A gentle white or neutral wall colour paired with some lightly patterned linen can beautifully contrast the rich oak colours of Bordeaux rustic oak bedroom furniture like side tables and wardrobes.

Because of the thickness and quality of the Oak used and the construction methods in place during manufacture, each piece is built to last, which means that the only reason you should ever need to replace any items in this range, is when you decide to change the style of your bedroom - though with it's timeless appeal, that may never be the case! This exquisite bedroom collection contains everything you need for your bedroom including four different styles of wardrobe, three different styles of bedside table and two different styles of bed. If you're looking to have the same old world charm of furniture throughout your home then the Bordeaux Living Room and Dining Room collections are a perfect accompaniment to this range. All the pieces of furniture in these ranges are made using the same quality materials and are manufactured in the same location using the same processes.

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