Oak Wall Mirrors

We go to a lot of trouble to make our rooms look attractive and presentable. We spend hard-earned money on furniture and carpets, but it's easy to forget that the walls of a room can look very bare and bland if they don't feature something for the eye to rest upon. Paintings are a common solution, but can be a bit pricey. Our solution is to opt for a classy wooden wall mirror. For far less than fine art, you can add dramatic aesthetic appeal to a bare wall.

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  • Loire Large Mirror

  • Toulouse Large Mirror

  • Modern Oak Large Mirror

  • Etienne Oak Large Mirror

  • Toulouse Small Mirror

  • Pacific Ash Small Mirror

  • Loire Small Mirror

  • Bordeaux Small Oak Mirror


8 Item(s)

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Using Mirrors to Style Your Room

Not only can oak wall mirrors be a fantastic focal point on their own, whether it's in a hallway, above a fireplace, above a piece of furniture, or simply as a piece of art on a wall, they also have many other practical uses. Positioned properly, they can actually help accentuate other pieces of art or accent pieces in a room, such as across from a painting or a lighting feature. When near a window or other light source, they can really brighten a room. They can even make a room feel larger.

Mirrors have become much more than a way to see your reflection. They have become part of contemporary interior design, and can completely transform an entire room when placed in the right position. As you've seen, our range of mirrors have a variety of uses in the home, such as opening up space, reflecting light and generally enhancing the decor.

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