Rectangular Dining Table

The rectangular dining table is the classic, popular choice for a dining space whether you live in a modern city apartment or a rustic country cottage. When you first think of a dining table you likely picture this shape. But that doesn’t mean a rectangular oak dining table has to be boring or the “safe” choice. On the contrary – these dining tables offer a variety to of styles suit your own individual style.

If you are a busy family with a small family home then a small rectangular extending dining table fits right into your lifestyle - robust enough to meet the demands of family meals, games sessions, and homework activities, but stylish enough to be dressed up for more formal occasions. If you are a fashion-conscious individual who loves to entertain then you'll find it suited to your contemporary personality. You can fit more people round a rectangle table than a round table, so consider this factor in its favour when you regularly have large family gatherings or parties.

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  • Etienne Oak Small Extending Table

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  • Bordeaux Medium Extending Oak Table

    3 Review(s)

    Regular Price: £499.00

    Special Price £399.00

  • Elodie Grey Oak and Pine Extending Dining Table

  • Modern Oak Extending Table

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  • Denver Small Extending Oak Table

    Regular Price: £349.00

    Special Price £275.00

  • Etienne Oak Large Extending Table

  • Loire Oak Dining Table

  • Bordeaux Large Extending Oak Table

    Regular Price: £649.00

    Special Price £545.00

  • Henley Oak Small Extending Table

  • Catalan Ash Extending Dining Table

    Regular Price: £449.00

    Special Price £399.00

  • Traditional Oak Extending Table

  • Loire Large Extending Oak Table

  • Contemporary Oak Small Extending Table

  • Bordeaux Small Oak Extending Table

  • Bordeaux Fixed Top Oak Table

    Regular Price: £275.00

    Special Price £250.00

  • Elodie Grey Oak and Pine Small Extending Dining Table

  • Pacific Ash Extending Table

  • Pacific Ash Small Extending Table

  • Contemporary Oak Draw Leaf Table

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How to Arrange Your Rectangular Dining Table

These tables work well in formal dining rooms where you can place the table parallel to a wall and have room to walk behind the chairs. A classically styled rectangle dining table can be decorated with fine china, crisp white linens and an eye-catching centrepiece for a special occasion. Or for a classic country look, choose a table with chunky legs, a thick, sturdy table top and an unfussy rustic appeal.

These dining tables can be fixed or extending. Depending on your space and your seating needs this shape is a versatile choice for the home.