Large Extending Dining Table

Do you entertain often? If your home is the destination for dinner parties, Sunday family lunches, suppers for friends, and Come Dine with Me-style gatherings, a large oak extending dining table is your ideal option. If you are the hostess (or the host) with the most-ess, consider the average size of your guest list and find a large extending dining table and chairs to accommodate all those party people when the table is fully extended. Some large dining tables in the range comfortably seat up to 10 people when the extra leaves are used – much more than the average table can accommodate.

Of course, as the table extends you also have the possibility of keeping it to a more manageable size once the guests have gone home. This type of table is therefore also suitable for family dining throughout the week.

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Choosing a Size and Shape

An extra large dining table is the perfect choice for a spacious dining room. Bear in mind that you should leave around 60 cm between the table and the wall for pushing back chairs, and around 97 cm if there is a walkway behind the chairs. Most of the largest extending dining tables are rectangle in shape to accommodate the number of people involved, so they look great in longer, rectangular-shaped dining rooms. If you have a large, open-plan kitchen/ dining room the largest of these tables acts as a natural room divider while maintaining the flow of light and keeping the room airy and spacious.