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Perfect Pine: 11 Things You Need to Know About Pine Furniture

When you’re looking to create an inviting, light and airy living room, or a cozy cottage bedroom, one wood springs immediately to mind – pine. Furniture made from solid pine brings a fresh, stylish charm to any room in the house. What’s more, pine is a hard-wearing wood that stands the test of time – perfect for the busy family home. Find out more about popular pine with our quick guide to this versatile wood.

All about Pine

Pine is a soft, pale yellow or white wood which grows in practically all areas of the Northern Hemisphere. But what you know as pine is only the beginning – there are actually more than 100 species of pine across the world.

As compared to oak, pine is a softwood while oak is a hardwood although this classification doesn’t actually represent the toughness of the wood – both are strong and sturdy. For example, one of the qualities of Shortleaf Pine is its superior strength, and it is as strong as Red Oak according to The Wood Database.

Here are some facts about pine furniture to help you make the most of this wood in your home:

1. It’s Perfect with Paint

Pine is an ideal wood for livening up with a coat of paint or stain. Painted pine furniture can be sleek or modern, or more traditional in style. And, of course, you can paint pine in any shade you like. Take a look at the soft grey sheen in the furniture below, for example:


Pine is perfectly painted in the Cadiz Oak and Painted Pine bedroom range

And if you change your décor preferences as often as you change your clothes, you can always repaint pine to suit the latest fashion trend or your new favorite color.


Table Mountain Pine is a wonderfully knotty wood (Image via The Wood Database)

2. Knotty Pine is Decorative and Attractive

But pine doesn’t need to be painted. Take a look at a piece of pine wood and the first thing you notice – aside from its creamy color – is the swirly pattern in the wood. Pine can be a knotty wood, depending on the species, and this “knottiness” is often used for decorative effect in furniture. Unpainted pine shines with whorls and swirls, and this natural characteristic is great for country-style furniture and accessories. The knots also create a unique look, meaning that no two furniture pieces will be exactly the same.

3. Pine is Shrink-Resistant

Another advantage of using pine in furniture is its ability to resist shrinkage, swelling, and warping. This means that pine furniture holds its shape and can be used in a variety of ways to create tables, chairs, beds, cupboards, and more.

4. Perfect Pine for a Country Cottage Look

Pine furniture is traditionally what you think about when you picture a cute country cottage. Whether you live in a rural idyll or a modern apartment block you can recreate the look of the countryside with some traditional-styled furniture pieces fashioned from pine, or a combination of pine and oak, as shown below in the Etienne Oak and Pine Dining Room range.


Shabby country chic with the Etienne Oak and Pine range

5. Low Cost Advantages

If you are looking to save money when furnishing a room, pine provides a good choice and you can combine it with more expensive woods if you want a contrast between furniture pieces.

6. Pine is Kid-Friendly

Because pine is a low-cost wood, and it takes paint well, it is ideal for the furniture in a children’s bedroom or playroom, according to Real Simple.

7. Create the Perfect Furniture Blend with Pine

As pine is a neutral, light-colored wood it blends well with other furniture materials to create an eclectic mix of furniture styles in your room without overpowering visitors. You can mix and match your décor more easily – and more successfully – with pine furniture.

8. Pine is Great in all Color Schemes

Plus, the warm, cream and white shades of natural pine go with pretty much any wall color and décor color scheme, so you are not limited when you pick pine for your home. Pine works with pale pastels, bright cold primary colors, and even white or grey. Depending on the exact type of pine used in the furniture you can therefore match it to any style of décor.

9. Strong and Sturdy Pine

Unless you somehow live in a show home, your house or apartment is sure to see a lot of movement, activity, and use. Therefore your furniture needs to be able to stand up to the knocks and bumps of everyday life, particularly in high-traffic areas like the living room. Pine is a strong wood, and when you choose quality pine furniture you can be sure it is built to last.

10. Add Oak for Enhanced Design and Function

Pine is often used for the body of the furniture pieces, and then finished with oak tops, as you can see in the Camden Painted bedroom range illustrated below. There are many advantages to this combination. Solid oak provides an attractive, hardwearing top surface, while pine is versatile for the furniture body and low cost to keep the overall price down. Pine can also be painted so it contrasts nicely with the natural oak finish.

5Best of both worlds: Oak and pine in the Camden Painted Bedroom Furniture range

11. Pine Ages Well

Aside from being a long-lasting wood in terms of strength, pine also ages well when it is unpainted because the natural patina of the wood develops a warm, rustic tone over time. Give your pine furniture some tender loving care and you’ll even be able to pass it down to your children to enjoy in their own homes.

Looking for a bright, cheerful and cozy furniture choice? Pick pine. Or combine pine with the classic good looks of oak wood. You can’t go wrong with the versatile charms of pine for your bedroom, living room, or dining room furniture.

Elodie Grey Oak and Pine Furniture

Welcome Light Into Your Home with Elodie Grey Oak & Pine Furniture

Product NewsMarch 31, 2015

Could your living room or dining room could use a little pick-me-up? If so, take a look at the new Elodie Grey range of oak and pine furniture for your dining room or living room. The distinctive modern style to this furniture is clean and contemporary – with a two-tone twist. This furniture set works well in a modern space with bold wall colours and modern art, or in a more traditional setting with bare wood floors and country-style décor. Elodie Grey is a versatile range with many options for creating your own perfect space

Features of the Elodie Grey Oak and Pine Furniture Range

oak and pine dining room furnitureYou’ll instantly take notice of the standout feature of the Elodie Grey range – the colour scheme. The soft grey pine frames are matched with honey-coloured solid oak table tops to create a look that’s a little different yet still classic and elegant. The stone grey shade is subtle and changes its shade slightly in different lights. With a matte finish to the paint, the furniture also features silver handles and door knobs for extra interest. The solid wood table tops give the furniture a traditional edge.

In addition, the Elodie Grey ranges feature delicate carved detailing on the table legs, tongue-and-groove panelling on the furniture backs, magnetic door catches, and dovetail joints.

Choose from a Variety of Stunning Pieces

The set of Elodie Grey dining room furniture includes an extending dining table and matching chairs with dove-grey seat pads, sideboards, and display units with built-in LED lights.

oak and pine living room furnitureThe living room set has bookcases, a console table, a coffee table with a built-in shelf, lamp and nested tables, and a handy TV unit.

Built-in drawers and adjustable shelving help to ensure the furniture pieces are useful in the modern home. If you’ve got plenty of possessions but not much space, you’ll find these items invaluable. All the furniture pieces are of excellent quality, designed to be functional as well as attractive.

The Elodie Grey range is ideal for creating a welcoming, light and airy living room or dining room. You could paint the walls bright white as a subtle contrast against the grey, or complement the furniture colour by choosing a grey paint scheme or a soft lilac. Elodie Grey is a welcome addition to the solid wood furniture collection and provides another fantastic choice for style-conscious shoppers looking to create the perfect home.