Should I Pick a Pedestal Dining Table Or A Table With Corner Legs?

Decorating Inspiration, Style Guides September 27, 2016

Your dining room is desperate for a new dining table.

Whether you need a bigger table for a bigger family, or a smaller table for a compact kitchen eating area, you want the best looking and most functional dining table for your needs.

But which do you choose – a table with pedestal or corner legs?

It’s an important distinction that impacts both the look of the room and comfort of your family and guests.

Pedestal dining tables offer versatility and style. While dining tables with corner legs are strong, highly functional and traditional.

Which is right for you? Make the right choice with the help of our handy guide.

What are Pedestal Dining Tables?

A pedestal dining table is a table with a supporting column or pillar. Usually round or oval in shape, pedestal dining tables have a central support so you don’t have the corner table legs. Even when the table is rectangular or square you don’t lose any seating space as you do not have the legs to contend with at the corners.

Pedestal dining tables can be formal, country-style, traditional or modern. Whatever type of dining room you have, there’s a pedestal table for you.



The type of tables, shown above, with one single pedestal in the center (with three or four “feet” extending from the central column) are ideal for seating six to eight people, depending on the size of the table when it is compact and when it is extended.

You can also find double pedestal tables with two columns and supporting legs. These generally seat between six and 10 and sometimes even more.


While some might claim that pedestal table scan be weak or bulky, that’s generally not true nowadays. Well-designed pedestal tables are essentially as sturdy as its four-cornered friends, without the need for an overly bulky central pillar.

When looking for a pedestal table, make sure it offers firm support and is not wobbly at the edges. A good pedestal table has a stable base where the legs are wide enough and strong enough to support the table top above and without easily tipping.

What are Tables with Corner Legs?

As you would imagine, a table with corner legs has no central supporting pillar. The table is supported at the corners by table legs.

Tables with corner legs are widely used in dining rooms and kitchens, and this is the most common shape of table – and these tables are hugely versatile, and available in a wide range of styles, woods, colors and finishes.



Can Pedestal Dining Tables Extend?

It’s a common question – can you get an extension dining table with pedestal legs? After all, how does a table extend if the pedestal is in the center – won’t it be unstable?

The answers to these questions are: yes, you can get a pedestal table that extends for extra seating. The table usually extends by opening out a leaf that is folded away in the middle of the table. When constructed properly, the table is not unstable; it remains stable even when you have the whole thing folded out.

Take a look at this example, the Loire Extending Oak Pedestal Table – the extension leaf is contained within the table itself and opens out from the center using a butterfly mechanism. The wider leaves are then supported by the main circular base of the table top, which makes it just as stable when extended as when it is compact.

And, of course, tables with corner legs are also available with extending leaves so you can create extra space when you need it.

Which Dining Table Should I Choose?

As with any design and interior choice, it really does boil down to your own personal style and preferences. Think about the style of table that will best fit your décor, as well as the number of people who will be sitting down, and how they will be using the table.

Best for Large Groups

Do you host a lot of family or friends dinners? If you don’t have much space you need to fit as many people as possible around your table. So if you want to avoid having someone sitting with a table leg between their knees, a pedestal dining table is better.

If your heart is set on a dining table with corner legs, plan your seating so you avoid the unwanted table leg intrusion. Ideally there should be about 70 cm between each chair so that everyone has enough room – each diner needs around two feet of personal space, so factor this in as well as the location of the table legs.

However, if you have a large dining room then a table with corner legs is a good choice as you can go for a much larger table without sacrificing stability – seat up to 20 people round a huge rectangular table in a spacious room. A large table with corner legs is more stable than a large pedestal, so that this into account if you are loading the table with heavy dishes or your meals are usually active affairs!

Best for Casual Dining

Small circular pedestal tables are good for kitchens where you do not have much room to spare. Singular pedestal tables can also add to a casual, country-style and friendly look.

If you use your dining table for nearly every meal, a table with corner legs may be the best choice as it is easier to clean around the legs and under the table. With a pedestal table, food gets more easily trapped under the feet of the pedestal and it is a little harder getting it out.

Best for a Formal Look

However, on the other hand, you cannot beat the formal look of a heavy, solid wood pedestal table for creating a stately impression in a formal room. For formal dinners, double pedestal tables can be suitably grand, especially when finished in an antique style.

Best for an “Extra” Table

If you want to get a dining table as an addition to your furniture that you will pull out and use on occasions when you most need it, a table with corner legs is easier to maneuver – it is generally lighter, and it can be carried more easily.

It is also easier to transport when you are moving house, although many pedestal tables now come apart with the pedestal being transported separately to ease moving woes.

Take your pick! Both pedestal dining tables and dining tables with corner legs work well in your home, depending on the style and design you choose. Have fun shopping and choose something you really love.


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