Celebrity Furniture Style: Stars’ Favourite Oak Furniture Collections


We love celebrity style. Fashion, interiors, attitude, music …. it’s fun to follow what the stars enjoy eating, wearing, doing, and buying.

And because we know interiors and design are important to these people, we love to imagine what their homes are like. Just for fun, we worked out which of the Oak Furniture Company collections work best for our favourite celebrities.

So, what do you think? Does David Beckham prefer a modern oak range? Would country chic suit Kate Moss? Here are our picks for perfectly matched celebrity furniture style.

Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton, is never out of the headlines for her fashion choices – which usually meet with resounding approval. She just can’t get it wrong, whether she’s wearing a floor-length glossy evening gown or a pretty pastel sundress.

One thing sets her style apart – she’s elegant. She’s also glamorous, and perfectly put together. You won’t catch her wearing ripped jeans and a faded hoodie. And Susan Kelley from @whatkatewore at Parade says “when I’m asked to describe her style in one word, I say “appropriate.” More than anything, Kate shows respect for the situation and circumstances in which she finds herself.” And that certainly doesn’t mean boring. She can stand out or tone it down, and still shine.

So we think her Oak Furniture Company range would be the Henley Oak range. This is an extremely elegant set, with classic good looks and a warm finish to the wood. It is effortlessly relaxed but always well-coordinated. It gives a subtle twist to standard traditional oak furniture.

And what’s more, since Kate can effortlessly mix high street looks with high end designer clothes, we think this well-priced range would really suit her thrifty yet stylish nature.

Kate wearing elegant baby blue for a tour of the Netherlands: Image from Marie Claire

Emma Watson

The 26-year-old actress shot to fame as Hermione in the Harry Potter films and has since graduated from cute child star to feisty feminist, fashion icon and U.N. ambassador.

She’s also famously eco-conscious and ethically sound. She wore a dress to the Met Gala that was made from recycled plastic bottles and Vanity Fair says she sent fashion designers a checklist that “included a questionnaire about how their garments are produced, what their impact is on the environment, and the moral reason why she should wear one on the red carpet.”

So what’s her furniture favourite? It has to be sustainable, although that doesn’t narrow it down since all the oak furniture pieces at Oak Furniture Company are crafted from wood from sustainable sources, or from reclaimed timber. And it should be bold, strong and distinctive – just like Emma.

We think she’d find the Montana Oak collection pretty fabulous. It’s bold, stylish and anything but frivolous. And it suits Emma’s vibrant personality, with the classic beauty of the pale oak shining in any room. The Montana Oak range makes a statement without being ostentatious.

Emma Watson loves strong, classic style: Image from Vanity Fair/ Photograph by Tim Walker/ Styled by Jessica Diehl

Andy Murray

Scottish tennis ace Andy Murray recently put his Miami pad on the market, preferring to spend more time in the UK with his young daughter. And what a place it is – the penthouse is located in the Brickell area of Miami with panoramic views over the Biscayne Bay. His neighbours in the Jade Condo are other sports stars like Juan Martín del Potro and Juan Pablo Montoya. His super-modern pad comes with marble floors, private lifts, a rooftop sky lounge, and an infinity pool.

We think he’ll like the sleek, modern vibe of a furniture range like Contemporary Oak range. The smooth lines and the light coloured oak wood are designed to complement sleek leather furniture and shiny appliances.

And we think he’d like the Matrix Oak extending dining table – a blocky, modern table with plenty of space for entertaining.

Andy Murray loves the modern look: Images from the Daily Mail


Mega-successful singer Adele has got it made. She’s picked up so many awards, from Brit Awards to Grammys, Golden Globes to Oscars, she is the epitome of musical achievement. And she’s also rocking her own chic style.

She’s definitely got the boho vibe. And she loves classic black although in recent years she has “shied away from her mainstay of black separates and injected colour, pattern, and boho-rock ‘n’ roll edge through unexpected coats and dresses,” says InStyle.

Her favourite Oak Furniture range would be something like the shabby chic vibe of the Etienne oak bedroom furniture range. The finish on these furniture pieces is designed to give it a well-loved, bohemian look with delicate features like worn corners and a whitewashed tone. She may also like the carefree, quirky Camden range – simple and subtly bohemian.

Adele and her rustic, boho style: Image from Getty Images, Courtesy at InStyle

Elton John

For this famously flamboyant and talented singer – and British institution – it has to be something French and eye-catching. Elton bought a massive French Villa on the coast in Nice which can be seen from every angle in the fashionable French town, and the interiors are predictably stunning and over-the-top.  

For Elton, it has to be the French chateau-inspired range, Loire Oak furniture. This range may not be as out-there as many of his fashion choices but it does represent what he loves about luxury European elegance. It’s a chic range with a lot of potential for creating a fabulous French chateau look wherever you may live.

Elton’s beautiful French property: Image from Luxury French Property

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham may have started her career as a flamboyant Spice Girl but her signature style is now absolutely minimalist. For Victoria it is all about quality, precision, and simple beauty. “Keeping things simple. My motto is ‘less is more’ and I live by that. I try not to wear anything overly complicated,” she told InStyle UK.

Victoria is going to adore the Matrix Oak furniture set. It is minimalist and simple with clever touches that prevent it from being dull. The light colour to the wood is ideal for a contemporary room, and the set exhibits a perfectly put-together look.

Victoria Beckham appreciates the simple things in life: Image from WhoWhatWear

Kate Moss

Kate’s the original party girl turned homebody. She loves her home in London but is increasingly drawn to her country pad in the Cotswolds. Here she spends time with family and friends, and has created a welcoming space that truly reflects her eclectic personality.

For Kate Moss, the Toulouse Oak range is pure country chic. This furniture has warmth and appealing country style that makes it perfect for a cottage or rural retreat. Clever design touches enhance the natural beauty of the wood and the range is filled with interesting pieces for a chic rustic home.

Kate Moss displaying her country style: Image from Wakeham/Splash News from the Daily Mail

Country chic from the Moss household: Image from Vogue

Liz Hurley

Think celebrity, think tight white jeans; think Liz Hurley. This is one celebrity who has truly stuck to a style pattern and made it work for decades.

Because Liz loves her white look, we think she’ll love the bright white finish to the Aspen White Painted Bedroom range. It’s a fresh, crisp style in signature clean white tones – perfect for this fashion-proof, classic beauty.

And this range suits what Liz herself calls “civilians” (those of us who are not celebrities) – it’s a classic style that works well in a contemporary or vintage setting, and it is not difficult to accessorise and coordinate with other favourite furniture pieces. If you don’t feel confident to wear white, grace your home with it and enjoy the admiring looks.

Liz loves her bright white look: Image from Getty Images at the Daily Mail

David Beckham

David Beckham never seems to make a style mistake because he gets the basics right – well-fitting, classic suits, subtle shades, and casual wear that asserts his personality without looking over the top.

Practically any of the ranges in the Oak Furniture Company collection suit someone who wants to project their personal style and personality into their home, creating a look that is unique and versatile.

Out of everything, we think he’ll love the Pacific Ash set the best. It is elegance personified, and classic without being boring. David would appreciate the well-defined lines and the clean finish to the light-coloured wood. This furniture will be ideal in one of the Beckhams’ modern mansions.

Beckham looking smart in classic suit and tie: Image from My Dapper Self

Ed Sheeran

Young British singer Ed Sheeran is a sensation with his folksy sounds that combine traditional country with rap and hip-hop. He’ll love the furniture pieces in the set that combine a rustic look with contemporary manufacturing techniques.

If Ed is looking for some new oak furniture, he’ll appreciate the Denver range. This collection has a country vibe but features more modern elements, too, with straight-back faux-leather dining chairs and blocky coffee tables and shelves. It is an ideal mix of rustic and modern.

Ed Sheeran with an easy, casual style: Image from Style Bank


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