Wardrobe With Drawers

Let's face it, you've got much more to store in your bedroom than shirts. You've got shorts, T-shirts, shoes, scarves, belts, jeans, tops.... the list is almost endless and for this reason you need versatile storage in the bedroom. Of course you need hanging space but you will also benefit from enclosed drawers within the wardrobe or chest. It is surprising the difference a wardrobe with drawers makes to your storage solutions. Read More

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  • Aspen White Triple Wardrobe with Drawers

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  • Pacific Ash Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Aspen White Painted Double Wardrobe with Drawer

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  • Loire Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Provence Oak Triple Wardrobe with Drawers

  • Provence Oak Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • New England Triple Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Loire Triple Oak Wardrobe with Drawer

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  • Bordeaux Oak Wardrobe with Double Drawers

  • Etienne White Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Henley Oak Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Camden Ash & Pine Triple Wardrobe with Drawers

  • Camden Ash & Pine Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Etienne Oak Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • New England Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Contemporary Oak Two-Door with Drawer Wardrobe

  • Bordeaux Oak Double Wardrobe over Drawer

  • Oslo Scandinavian Oak Two Door Gent’s Wardrobe

  • Elodie Grey Oak and Pine Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Elodie Grey Oak and Pine Triple Wardrobe with Drawers


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The Convenience of Wardrobes with Drawers

Think about the possibilities of combining space for crease-free clothes hanging from wooden rails, with pull-out drawers for the handy storage of boots and shoes, folded clothes, and accessories. Having drawers and hanging space in one piece of furniture makes it easier to get organised and quicker to get ready in the morning. These are also ideal for a smaller room where space is at a premium – a single wardrobe with drawers is particularly appropriate in this situation. Choose between a piece that is primarily made up of hanging space with perhaps one deep drawer, or a chest or wardrobe where the emphasis is on the drawer storage.

Check out the wide range of styles for these wardrobes with drawers. The single and double wardrobe with drawers category covers an extensive spread of design types so you have an excellent choice and will be able to select something for your particular décor and room type. Choose from a fresh painted white wardrobe with drawers for a country-casual look, pale Pacific Ash for an elegant bedroom, the rustic painted oak look of the New England, the warm, classic tones of the Bordeaux, and the stylish natural finish of the Loire Double Wardrobe, among many other options.