Double Wardrobe

Even the smallest bedroom needs some hanging space for clothes. Fortunately you can find compact examples in the double wardrobe range of solid wood wardrobes. These will fit in a small bedroom but still provide the storage space you need. A 2 door wardrobe is also useful in a larger room when you don't have many clothes and you need something simple and stylish to store your work wear or your collection of designer items. Read More

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  • Pacific Ash Double Wardrobe with Drawer

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  • Loire Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Aspen White Painted Double Wardrobe with Drawer

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  • Bordeaux Oak Wardrobe with Double Drawers

  • Etienne Grey Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Henley Oak Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Provence Oak Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Camden Ash & Pine Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Etienne Oak Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • New England Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Contemporary Oak Two-Door with Drawer Wardrobe

  • Bordeaux Oak Double Wardrobe over Drawer

  • Montana Oak Double Wardrobe with Drawer

  • Elodie Grey Oak and Pine Double Wardrobe with Drawer


14 Item(s)

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Use Double Wardrobes to Gain Storage and Save Space

Many double wardrobes come with drawers to maximise the possibilities for storage. The single or double drawers are set beneath the hanging space so you benefit from a convenient place to put shoes, folded clothes, or even blankets and sheets. Depending on how much you want to store in the drawers you can choose from wide, double drawers or a small, single drawer in a double wardrobe with drawers.

There's a 2 door wardrobe for every home. They are available in a wide variety of woods, finishes, and styles so you can be sure to find the final piece for your bedroom space. For the traditional home, dark-wood wardrobes with fine grain detail make an elegant statement. Country cottage bedrooms benefit from the breezy white finish of the New England range or the white double wardrobe from the Etienne Oak set. For a contemporary look, choose an piece made from Ash for a wardrobe that doesn't look too heavy or overpowering in a room decorated in light colours.